Chongqing full decorative Engineering Limited is a professional engaged in ring oxygen to ping paint engineering, set design, and production, and planning, and construction, supervision for one, ring oxygen to ping, and epoxy resin to ping, and ring oxygen to ping paint, and ring oxygen to ping paint, and ring oxygen to ping construction, and water ring oxygen to ping paint, and ring oxygen wear to ping, and ring oxygen mortar to ping for high-tech enterprise provides professional service of enterprise. According to customer needs, accurately on a variety of different environmental conditions of use site design and manufacture the best industrial flooring, we would like to sincerely cooperate with customers to create a better tomorrow. First-class quality, first-class service, the most preferential price is the solemn commitment of the company to the customer, the company adhere to the "quality tree reputation to brand market share, innovation and development in order to check effectiveness of the scale".
    We sincerely hope that in the coming years to continue sincere cooperation with the vast number of users and the community, go hand in hand, and common development.