the prospects are bright, the road has twists and turns

    since the beginning of social and competition has existed, afraid of the competition is to get yourself out.

real estate led the home d├ęcor industry shengxing, hundreds of home improvement companies rise, and increasing, and people's pursuit of life more and more, taste more      

it can be said that prospects are encouraging in the home improvement industry, development space is wide, but the road is tortuous. &Nbsp;    

lanxing decoration always told myself to "take the customer as the Center, take the quality as the core" cautious walking, working, so that each one works is a quality project, be rest assured that works.

do brands make brand and decorating lanxing, is to find the safe, secure and reliable.

Enterprise purpose: to rely on advanced technology, joint enterprises, build quality, first-class management, advanced technology, perfect service system of modernization.

  service philosophy: integrity in Exchange for credit, to speed in Exchange for benefits to trade quality for brand, with service to win customers.

  business policy: establish responsibility clear, strict management, incentive and restrictive combination of modern business management system. Pragmatic development, results.

  enterprise spirit: pragmatic efficiency, hard work and dedication, pioneering, respect knowledge, mutual respect and cooperation, and common development

  the concept of talent: talent, talent development high quality scientific and professional talent management system, personnel training, choice and use of fertility good people, good people, good people.

  marketing: today's quality is tomorrow's market, corporate credit is intangible market, customer satisfaction is the permanent market.

following four a core values is we all work of based:

achievements customer-we is committed to each bit customer of satisfaction and success;

venture innovation-we pursuit on customer vital of innovation, while fast and efficient to promoted its achieved;

integrity integrity-we uphold trust, and honest and rich sense, regardless of is on internal also is external;

multiple total win-we advocate each other understanding, value multiple sex, With a global perspective about our culture.