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HS-05 kinds of solvent-free epoxy floor topcoat

HS-05 kinds of solvent-free epoxy floor topcoat

solvent-free epoxy floor paint for all types of plant, GMP production workshop, warehouses, airports, casinos and other flooring paint and finishes, can be used for sealing casting, laminating, bonding.

2? features

① solvent-free epoxy floor paint does not contain irritant flammable organic solvents, not inflammable, safe storage, transportation, construction process, in the cramped cabin and contexts that construction of poor ventilation.

② in solvent-free epoxy floor paint coatings volatile organic solvent-free, too thick even coating, does not affect the cure rate. Even in winter, can also be delivered in the short term.

③ solvent-free epoxy floor coating hardness and toughness. Abrasion, wear resistance than solvent-based epoxy floor increased two or three times.

II performance with acid, alkali and other chemicals, salt fog, humidity, oil and most organic solvents have good resistance to penetration.

⑤ depending on the application requirements, can be made into flooring for different purposes, such as non-slip floors, high gloss floor, Matt floor, self-leveling flooring and so on.

⑥ paint scraper, trowel finish trowel knife painting.

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