Epoxy flooring industry, what do you think about it?

epoxy flooring in China has more than 10 years, from the development, promotion, until the popularity now to upgrade stage. Due to the Chinese market for polymer flooring has been generally accepted, its increasingly wide range of applications, from single Industrial flooring to large public activity of shopping malls, schools, places of public entertainment and headed straight for home decoration into the environmental industry. In this process, the owners ' increasing demand for the product's features, now the epoxy flooring, both from an aesthetic and practical, environmental or construction technology of popularity, will go with the tide of new features.  Beautiful, true, future development direction of simplification will be epoxy floor, epoxy floor will come to us, really, Jane.

     so to get materials and costing the right calls for an urgent, it's much more sensible, price for floor coatings are no longer as in the past does not know anything, asked no questions and long-standing debility. Foreign, high performance polymers, many varieties of flooring technology began to enter China, not only to the Interior of the original industrial floor attack, but also to the outdoors, in public places and fast promotion, highways, railway stations, docks, airports, targeting the home decoration market, and have achieved a breakthrough. Innovative epoxy floor why such rapid expansion in these areas in the near future? Depends on a couple of our pursuit for many years but failed to resolve a key breakthrough on the special features, this indicates that China's future development direction of epoxy flooring. First is beautiful.   Epoxy floor from its launch, has been flat, bright as a selling point, but there is mention of polymer flooring, immediately associate a machine pressed sheet of plastic.

     regardless of is artesian flat also is coating workers method of, General as long as up not to mirror smooth of intuitive effect, on will was finds for quality has problem, color is is grey and grass accounted for to 90% above, monotone degree than Shang century 60-70 years generation national people of clothing color, and Dang we out of abroad see abroad of polymer to ping, inkjet of, and pressure sand of, and sealed of, and breathable of, and sparse water of, and mirror of, and Matt of, and Concave, nature and peace, described as "as long as you can think, I can do it." Various process, various varieties of everything, not to mention the color not only distribution to and as a result is to use colored sand, colored, the color does not fade constant. And prepare according to the owner's hobby, fully embodies the humane and harmonious, especially its tenacity and a clean surface, orange pattern formation, uniform, non-slip and easy to clean. Existing domestic epoxy flooring, freshly prepared lights people, but after 3 months of use, generally are scarred and most saddening.

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