What is epoxy color sand floors and structure?

epoxy floor color sand, is based on epoxy resins and color quartz sand a seamless integration of new composite decorative floor, through a variety of different colors of colored quartz sands free mix into a variety of decorative patterns, not only has the elegant texture, and with excellent performance, can be used in industry or Commerce and industry building ground.

      epoxy flooring technology, construction technology for epoxy floor sand than equal epoxy epoxy flooring is simple, but to high technical requirements, the process technology are as follows:
     1, detection of surface roughness, as well as other epoxy flooring, high requirements on the base surface roughness, polished surface, clean dust, Construction site construction must be prohibited to ensure construction of the environment from pollution.
     2, Polish inspection after cleaning base, repair the ground leveling and Shi Bu epoxy.
     3, granular color quartz sand and resin, according to design requirements strictly according to the mix, and then laying sand layer of sand, laying thickness is generally 2~8mm, usually 2~5mm, compaction with a power trowel smooth, forming an overall seamless epoxy sand layer.  
      4, about 24 hours after scraping paint and brush the surface layer of epoxy resin, epoxy sand layer of closed spaces, integration of form a closed surface. On request, you can create a moderately concave slip surface and smooth surface. Therefore construction technology high requirements.

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