Anti-static epoxy floor maintenance

epoxy flooring flooring industry as one of the most common flooring, it is mainly used in some special industries, especially high requirements on the ground. Wuxi chemical industry co, Ltd today for everyone to briefly highlight anti-static epoxy floor routine maintenance.

       anti-static epoxy floor paint according to the following maintenance methods and standard measures to implement it, you can extend the life of epoxy floors, concrete maintenance details as shown in the following, antistatic floor paint dirty how to clean it, use manufacturer are you looking for? Antistatic floor paint applied to electronics, microelectronics, telecommunications, computers, precision instruments, powder, chemical, organic solvents, gas, powder magazine and all required static places the walls and flooring. Requires highly sterile, clean, beautiful, electronics and micro-electronics industry, the implementation of GMP standards for pharmaceutical industry, the blood products industry; require wear resistance, resistance to pressure, impact resistance, chemical corrosion protection of other industry, can also be used for school, Office, home, etc, all of these places can choose anti-  electrostatic paint. Antistatic floor paint with professional cleaning agents, ground can be beautiful like new. Looking for the best manufacturers in the early maintenance can also train your people in the plant, learning about, mostly cleaning and maintenance clean dirty trash, painting anti-static paint guarantee anti-static properties, anti-static flooring is not only dirty to clean and require long-term monitoring and maintenance to prevent ESD performance cause electrostatic damage to the product or injury.

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