Introduction to characteristics of epoxy floor paint
(1) coated film adhesion high, resistance corrosion sex and resistance chemical drug performance excellent, hardness high, wear sex good, electrical insulation sex excellent;
(2) to water as dispersed media, smell small, and not burning, and storage, and transport and using meet environmental requirements;
(3) water ring oxygen to ping paint curing Hou coated film in the will has few of water exists, can avoid no solvent ring oxygen to ping paint due to curing too dense and caused concrete within of vapor cannot removed, produced drum bubble, and deformation, Empty drums and even coating defects such as stripping. Water ring oxygen to ping paint due to curing of particularity makes dry Hou of coated film has micro-pore, can allows vapor penetration, such release has concrete internal vapor of pressure, makes coating from damage, while protection has concrete;
(4) using convenient, construction performance good, construction tool available water directly cleaning, reduced construction cost;
(5) applies range wide, can in at room temperature and wet of environment in the using, and on old base material also has good of heavy coated sex;
(6) decorative sex strong, Surface smooth, semi-gloss, gloss and a variety of colors to choose from.

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