Two trends of future development of epoxy flooring

the past two years, many countries have enacted limiting volatile organic solvents (VOC) environmental regulations of waterborne coatings, solvent free and high solid differentiation has become the inevitable trend of paint. According to experts introduced, China industrial to ping paint currently basically is solvent type and no solvent type ring oxygen to ping paint, solvent type ring oxygen to ping paint contains more of organic solvent, these organic solvent in paint of production and construction stage row into atmosphere, pollution environment, while against human health; no solvent type ring oxygen to ping paint contains few of activity diluted agent, common of activity diluted agent for butyl ring oxygen c base ether (has must toxicity), used artesian flat construction process, coated film thickness for 1~5mm, Cost is high and contains a small amount of volatile organic solvents.

     with the environmental regulations and the enhancement of environmental awareness, waterborne epoxy floor coatings will be widely used, the research and development of waterborne epoxy coatings for industrial floors with great economic and social benefits. Waterborne epoxy floor coatings and solvent based epoxy floor coating performance, existing waterborne epoxy floor coatings can be applied in the pharmaceutical, food, hospital, textile, chemical industry, electronic industry production plant, Office building, warehouse, laboratory floor coating, especially suitable for ground floor, basement, underground car park and other more humid environment. As a green product, epoxy flooring must be an accepted and widely used.

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