Introduced epoxy flooring in the parking lane and other related applications

epoxy flooring series (water and oil), corrosion, wear resistant floor series floor series, anti-static floor series, not angry (ex) floor series, series of self-leveling cement mortar, flooring series of polyurethane products, art. Chemical company has a strong leadership collective and epoxy flooring construction team, undergo a rigorous training for construction workers, and strong ideological quality and professional skill. Today introduced epoxy floor in the station and other local applications.

     1, epoxy thin-coating process, including a PuTTY PuTTY, a bottom on both sides at the end of two sides.
     2, epoxy mortar plain, 1mm plain, 2mm mortar coating and so on.
     3, self-leveling epoxy, epoxy self-leveling, 2mm General 1mm epoxy equality.
      description following: parking ring oxygen to ping is currently except heavy mechanical industry outside requirements compared high of to ping, its ground and general ground of requirements not completely same, its anti-sliding, and durable is primary of, for car in walking of when and lane of friction very big, and car of impact big, so Lane, and spaces General used ring oxygen mortar flat coated, General has 1mm mortar flat coated, and 2mm mortar flat coated, But due to the relative frequency of vehicle parking spaces less from cost considerations.

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